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MBA International Supply Chain Management (English)

Supply Chain MBA : Programme

Issued with public & private business leaders, the content of this academic program evolves in synchronization with supply chain, logistics rules and technics under supervision of an educational Committee. The committee members include recognized professionals, supply chain managers, executive of transport and logistics companies, foreshadowers of supply chain economy.

The course modules are given by an educational team consisting of academics and well-known professionals in their field.

The program includes the following modules.

Supply Chain MBA : Skill unit 1 : Management of Supply Chain

  • Supply chain fundamentals
  • Logistics strategy
  • Key performance indicators
  • Lean supply chain management

Supply Chain MBA : Skill Unit 2 : Planning

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales and operations plan
  • Material requirements planning
  • Manufacturing orders planning & scheduling
  • New approaches in planification

Supply Chain MBA : Skill Unit 3 : Procurement & Customer's Order Management

  • Purchasing strategy
  • Procurement Process
  • Financial Instruments and Contracts
  • Managing Customers orders Backlog customer Relationship Management
  • Reverse logistics & sustainability

Supply Chain MBA : Skill Unit 4 : Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution

  • Manufacturing & Warehousing Relationships
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing Management
  • Warehouse Processes
  • Building a Logistic Network
  • Transportation

Supply Chain MBA : Professional Thesis

The professional thesis constitutes a key step in the curriculum: the individual work enables student to implement all knowledges, concepts and skills learnt all along the duration of the program in a practical case of solving a business problem.

The students are working on a company’s subject in connection with their professional missions including a cartography of the existing supply chain organization, a specialized literature review, a plan of corrective measures and recommendations on strategical, managerial, and organizational level.

An individual mentoring provided by a coach of the pedagogical team is offered to students. This thesis work is carried out in parallel with the curriculum and leads to a defense in front of a jury made of teachers and professionals.

Teaching Methods

The program is based on an active pedagogy adapted to graduate students and professionals.

  • Team work is encouraged. Individualized coaching is offered. Exchanges with the professional world are intense and ongoing and allow students to understand the “best professional practices” in the field.
  • These methods and interactions take different forms: masterclasses, case studies, presentations, simulations, specific business games, conferences, on-site company visits, project management.